Messaging Solutions

As the global market expands so the does the reliance on messaging solutions. Email solutions now need to be mobile whilst retaining all of the functionality they would have whilst in the office.

The idea of the “Mobile Worker” whereby you can access your email, your contacts and your diary whilst out of the office is becoming more of a requirement rather than a benefit.

Microsoft has been aware of this change in requirements and adapted to them with its latest Messaging solutions. The new Exchange product has catered in greater depth for the mobile worker so you can access your email, using your mobile phone or any internet connected pc. This is one of the reasons why many of the companies who may require Blackberry solutions from us are also looking closely at the new Exchange solution as a way of reducing mobile costs.

Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) is another solution which interlinks with Exchange to provide an alternative communication tool which works in real time compared to email, which may take up increased time to respond when time maybe critical.

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