Security Solutions

Given the ever changing nature and complexity of threats that organisations face, it is important that your network security is flexible enough to meet current and future business needs. Every system failure and resulting data loss can have far-reaching consequences to the profitability and reputation of your Business. With the myriad of solutions available organisations need an independent Security partner that is capable of delivering, supporting and managing these solutions around the clock.

Using best of breed technology and backed by dedicated and skilled consultants, UST has the proven track record needed to deliver complex Security solutions into both large and small enterprise environments.


Allowing remote access to your critical data poses a huge security risk if carefully considered controls are not put in place. Even if there is no malicious intent, or access is provided for a legitimate business purpose, it should be strictly controlled. Only best of breed technology will allow you flexible control over the level of access granted to different people.


As more and more businesses open their networks to external partners and customers it is vitally important that sensitive information is kept segregated and secure. A firewall is a system that secures a network, shielding it from access by unauthorized users. Firewalls can be implemented as software, hardware or a combination of both. In addition to preventing unrestricted access into a network, a firewall can also restrict data from flowing out of a network.

Content Security

It is important that best of breed Content security systems are in place to monitor and control information flows through your network. Without these systems your network is at risk from internet born threats such as Viruses, Worms & Spyware. With the introduction of new legislation it is important that you have measures in place to control employee’s email and web browsing.


UST partners with best of breed vendors to ensure that any content management solution is fully tailored to a customer's specific requirements and budgetary considerations.

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