Deployment Services

At UST, we make sure you have peace of mind when you commence a deployment, regardless of whether it is for 5 or 5,000 systems. Utilising the full range of services provided by UST from Consultants and Project Managers to Deployment Engineers, we take pride in getting your IT equipment configured and deployed on-time.

UST’s deployment services span the technical solutions we provide, but in particular, we specialise in large scale IT rollouts and infrastructure refreshes. UST has a proven roll out track record in the delivery of IT deployment services for our customers and this portfolio of complementary and integrated IT infrastructure services include:

Technology Proof of Concepts & Pilots

If you are looking to test a prototype system or solution, UST can provide custom services that will deliver a cost effective test environment enabling you to prove a given technology either in a standalone environment or integrated with your existing business systems. UST’s new Technical Innovation Suite facility, located at our Kiarong premises in Bandar Seri Begawan, is also available to our customers to trial and evaluate common infrastructure technology solutions in a test environment.

Server and Infrastructure Deployments

Server deployments are typically more complex due to their level of importance and the software customisation and integration required. Servers can either be configured at UST within our Configuration Centre or directly on your site. These deployments typically involve integration with other systems and infrastructure components such as storage and networks.

Data Centre / Server Room Relocations

Utilising the range of skills within our Services Team, we have assisted many organisations to relocate IT equipment from existing to new locations. This can be as simple as relocating a rack and its contents or as complex as relocating an entire server room. UST has the necessary experience and the capacity to make sure the relocation is thoroughly planned and delivered successfully on-time.

Office Relocations and Re-organisations

Office relocations are typically regarded as complex and challenging projects. However, with UST’s help you can be rest assured the relocation of your IT Infrastructure will be managed effectively with any associated risks mitigated. UST undertakes many office re-organisations with appropriate technical and project resources assisting our customers to relocate technology components to aid the delivery of the required changes.

Desktop Roll outs and Refreshes

UST’s Configuration Centre has the capacity to configure and deploy up to 50 desktop devices a day across Brunei Darussalam. Coupled with complementary UST services such as; site auditing, asset management, custom configuration and relocation planning, UST has the capability to undertake complex, large scale, end to end refresh projects. Through our engineers, consultants and project managers we have extensive experience of both small scale branch office upgrades to full scale deployments to primary office locations which you will find invaluable towards the success of your project.

UST’s extensive Services Team is ready to assist with your project requirements and all deployment services are delivered through our dedicated project office which ensures successful delivery on-time, to expectation and within budget.

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