Archiving Solutions

The pressure on organisations to protect and manage their data has intensified with the recent growth in unstructured data and the reliance on email to communicate and exchange documents. Many companies now consider email to be mission critical and recent studies suggest that email and other messaging applications store as much as 75 percent of a company’s intellectual property. So, how do organisations protect their email data when email is expected to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week? And what if a legal challenge requires IT to find files and email related to last quarter’s earnings? With little extra time to maintain backup windows, IT administrators are challenged to meet stringent business requirements, and despite exponential data growth and increasing user demands for data recoverability, IT budgets often remain flat.

Symantec Enterprise Vault software answers these challenges. Enterprise Vault provides an extremely flexible archiving framework, enabling the discovery of content held within emails, file systems and other collaborative environments, at the same time reducing storage costs and simplifying management.

Enterprise Vault manages content through the use of automated, policy controlled archiving to online stores for active retention and seamless retrieval of information. Its powerful search and discovery capabilities are complemented by specialised client applications for corporate governance, risk management and legal protection. Key Benefits of Symantec Enterprise Vault include:

  • Optimised cost effective storage
  • Reduced cost of retrieval, recovery and administration
  • Application storage management
  • Compliance retention and discovery

UST has extensive experience with the planning, design, deployment and management of Symantec Enterprise Vault archiving solutions for both messaging and file systems. UST also has the expertise to design and develop archiving solutions in conjunction with other related technologies and solutions such as; Storage, Backup, Messaging, Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation.

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