Maintenance Services

The Cost of Downtime

Just how important is IT infrastructure maintenance to most businesses?? Given the rise of online trade and tighter links between suppliers and customers it is, surely, becoming more critical. Add in the increasingly critical role of IT in meeting escalating compliance requirements from Sarbanes Oxley to Turnbull, it is essential that IT solutions are not only robust but that downtime is minimalised.

Make it Easier - No Hassle!

There’s no question that keeping on top of the maintenance contracts for the plethora of multi-vendor devices can be a headache. Let alone logging a call with the vendor, eventually and often with cultural differences, only to be taken through a list of self validating checks when all you want is an engineer and part to fix. And wouldn’t it be nice to see a site familiar engineer that’s used to your environment and team. Have you ever been in the scenario where you log a call on a piece of equipment that isn’t on your contract and you are refused service? Our contracts are built around a ‘service first’ approach. Let UST take all this pain away.

Not Just Hardware Repair

Without fail you will incur downtime but it won’t necessarily be due to a hardware failure. That’s why UST maintenance support doesn’t just focus on repairing the hardware fault. We are an extension of your own IT support team in ensuring the ‘restoration of service’ including configuration/software reloads against pre-determined SLA’s.

Look at the bigger picture for Printing

Research indicates that 10% of your IT budget will be spent on document production. Do you know the volume and cost of the documents your organisation produces?? Reduce the cost of managing your documents by implementing a cohesive document strategy.

Management Unit Support Structure

As part of the post project implementation strategy, UST appoints a Client Service Manager to manage the relationship and service deliverables to our Customers. The appointed Client Service Manager will be the Point of Contact to interface with the Customers; He/she will work closely with the Customers to handle all service related matters.

UST promotes a collaborative approach to governance of the SLA with our Customers. UST’s maintenance support is characterized by flexibility and speed with which it can be adapted to satisfy our Customers’ service requirements.

To facilitate communication between our Customers and to manage the overall relationship, UST provides regular operational meetings to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery, which will include:

  • Review monthly service performance
  • To address technical issues which may impact SLAs
  • To address commercial issues if any
  • To track exceptions and actions to remedy underlying problems
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