Storage Solutions

A centralised storage or Storage Area Network (SAN) solution places the majority of the disk storage in a central subsystem instead of in each individual server. This approach decouples the data space requirements from the processor requirements allowing servers to be replaced or upgraded without affecting the data and vice versa. This makes the IT infrastructure more nimble and agile and able to respond to changing business circumstances.

The centralised storage is connected to servers using a dedicated FibreChannel network or using iSCSI. In general, these storage systems are designed for maximum performance, dependability and flexibility, and are therefore appropriate for Enterprise Class applications. The addition of advanced storage features further enhance the environment and include; Snapshots, Replication, Dynamic expansion, Load Balancing and Virtualisation. The most significant savings from this approach comes from the reduction in management cost when data from sufficient servers have been migrated into a centralised storage subsystem.

Although data centric applications such as databases and Email systems require direct access to disk space in the centralised storage subsystem, many users and applications only require access to files. Under these circumstances a Network Attached Storage (NAS) approach may be more cost effective. However, most implementations typically encompass a combination of both approaches, providing a hybrid solution. Data storage solutions from UST encompass:

  • Tactical solutions for specific projects or technology/application support
  • Strategic solutions for an enterprise wide solution

Depending upon your requirement, UST can help you select, design, deploy and manage the most appropriate storage solution ranging from high-end SAN solutions to low-end shared storage. UST also has the expertise to design and develop storage solutions in conjunction with other related technologies and solutions such as Virtualisation, Networking, Backup, Archiving, Clustering and Disaster Recovery. UST provide enterprise storage solutions from HP, EMC and NetApp.

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