Backup Solutions

Symantec Veritas Backup provides enterprise backup and recovery for heterogeneous operating environments and storage infrastructures. As an established market leader in enterprise backup and recovery, Veritas provides unparalleled data protection for enterprise backup and recovery environments. It reduces cost and complexity by implementing a unified data protection solution that provides desktop, remote office and data centre protection across the entire enterprise.

Backup Exec and NetBackup solutions from Veritas deliver centralised and simplified real-time data management to help organisations manage all aspects of backup and recovery including disk- and tape-based data protection. They unlock the power of disk to help make backup and recovery faster, more reliable, and more secure than ever. Service Level Agreement commitments can be met by using storage lifecycle policies to create storage tiers and automatically move backup data through its lifecycle. They also facilitate advanced and automated disaster recovery with integrated Bare Metal Restore, enabling full system recovery on any platform within 15 minutes and granular recovery of critical applications.

To help ensure data is secure before it is taken offsite for long-term storage, Backup Exec and NetBackup offer a wide variety of authorisation and access controls as well as encryption options. With no hardware agenda, Veritas is the enterprise data protection software layer upon which to standardise. It offers the broadest range of options to optimise backup and recovery with support for all major operating platforms and the granular recovery of mission-critical databases and applications. Symantec offers a comprehensive list of agents for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sybase.

Key Benefits of Symantec Veritas Backup include:

  • Optimised data protection through one console for physical and virtual systems, including VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems
  • Microsoft certified backup and recovery for the entire Windows Server portfolio, ensuring complete support for critical Windows servers from day one
  • Reduced storage requirements and recovery time with patent-pending granular data recovery of leading applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Heterogeneous server and storage support with scalable remote agents and options
  • Reduction of the backup window, ensuring recovery point objectives are easily met with continuous data protection
  • Integrated security, backup, and archive functionality, further providing complete data protection for growing businesses with Symantec multiproduct integration

UST has extensive experience with the planning, design, deployment and management of Symantec Veritas Backup solutions. UST also has the expertise to design and develop backup solutions in conjunction with other related technologies and solutions such as; Storage, Archiving, Networking, Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation.

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