Virtual Lab Manager

VMware vCenter Lab Manager is a method of providing segregated environments for users by utilising a virtualisation environment. VMware vCenter Lab Manager uses a shared resource pool of servers that users can allocate an instance of an environment. These environments are setup completely separate and therefore multiple instances of the same environment can exist at the same time. Therefore, development teams can work on one instance whilst QA test another. Some of the key benefits of VMware vCenter Lab Manager are listed below:

  • Pool and share server, networking, storage and other resources amongst development and test teams and individuals
  • Provide every developer or test engineer the equivalent of their own fully equipped data centre with dedicated provisioning
  • Automatically and rapidly set up and tear down complex development and test configurations
  • Suspend and capture a multi-system configuration exhibiting a bug or other unexpected behaviour during test, ensuring reproducibility at debug time
  • Maintain a complete library of customer and production system environments for use on demand
  • Efficiently move and share multi-machine configurations across software development and test teams and facilities

As a VMware Enterprise Partner, UST is able to offer a Virtual Lab Manager Service to our customers, which will facilitate businesses to fully understand the advantages and benefits available when virtualising and consolidating using VMware.

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