Business Continuity Planning Services

The current climate demands that many organisations' infrastructures are available 24x7 - even a few seconds of down time can mean immeasurable loss of revenue and impact to its customers. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a critical activity required to mitigate potential failure scenarios, unfortunately, all too often organisations will have to suffer an 'outage' before it puts a Business Continuity policy in place. UST’s platinum partnership with Symantec enables us to provide BCP Services to ensure your organisation is fully prepared should something go wrong and this can encompass the definition and development of specific Disaster Recovery plans, typically around IT infrastructure.

Our Symantec consultants will listen to your business requirements and utilising their risk assessment knowledge and expertise in BCP processes, can help devise the most appropriate approach. They can help with the identification of critical systems, risk management and process definition to ensure a return to normal business operations as quickly as possible should a disaster occur. This planning activity will also typically review any existing processes and incorporate a positioning of any appropriate IT technologies that can be leveraged to achieve a tailored IT infrastructure Disaster Recovery solution.

Key Benefits
  • Identify risks to operating your business without interruption
  • Build resilience through proactive preparation
  • Create the capability to respond quickly to emergencies
  • Improve operational policies, processes and technologies
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