Virtualisation Assessment & Capacity Planning

As part of the Virtual Infrastructure Methodology (VIM) Assessment phase, a formal Server assessment is offered in order to produce the detailed information needed to facilitate the accurate assessment and planning of a virtualisation and/or consolidation project. This service performs a full inventory on the target Servers and provides utilisation profiles that will identify the feasibility of virtualisation as a technology and any consolidation ratios that can be achieved. Key goals of this assessment service include:

  • Server Inventory: Full breakdown of server audited including summaries of Processor, OS and CPU speed
  • Server Analysis: Server statistics including performance utilisation, profiling and hardware reuse statistics
  • Server Consolidation Assessment: Summary of server consolidation candidates and options
  • Virtualisation Assessment: Summary of server virtualisation candidates and recommended strategy. Includes anticipated ratios to consolidate current and future workloads along with platform recommendations and dependencies
  • Cost / Benefit Justification: Summary of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return of Investment (ROI) highlighting direct and indirect costs of a potential virtualisation / consolidation solution
  • Recommendations Summary: UST’s findings with a recommended roadmap including tailored recommendations on server virtualisation and consolidation approaches
  • A full Assessment typically takes between 3 and 10 days effort, depending upon the number of Servers included within scope and the level of detail required within the Assessment Report. The Audit collection process runs typically for between one week and one month depending upon the business cycles.

As a VMware Enterprise Partner, UST is able to offer a Capacity Planning Service to our customers, which will facilitate businesses to fully understand the advantages and benefits available when virtualising and consolidating using VMware. Capacity Planner gives in depth analysis of the server infrastructure and advises on possible ROI & TCO obtained by virtualising the server environment prior to committing a new infrastructure.

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