System Monitoring

There are many solutions on the market which offer a wide degree of system monitoring. Each solution varies in both complexity and functionality from simple “ping” solutions, to solutions involving client agents which enable hardware, software and application monitoring. Most solutions typically monitor Windows based environments although enterprise products are more scalable and can encompass additional non Windows based systems and devices e.g.; network devices, UNIX systems, printers etc.

UST’s approach to system monitoring ensures that the investments made in existing capabilities are leveraged wherever possible. Most enterprise technologies have their own monitoring and management capability built in, and it is important to leverage these toolsets. This can be achieved either through a modular solution that utilises multiple standalone products or via a fully integrated solution whereby other solutions send information to a core monitoring solution.

UST's consultants have a wide array of experience with enterprise monitoring solutions that include; Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) and Symantec's Altiris Total Management Suite.

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