Software & Application Delivery

Every organisation has its own set of applications that enables the business to function and communicate. UST has worked with many organisations to discover, test and deploy a variety of applications to the desktop, whether this is a fat desktop device, a laptop, thin client or mobile device.

Five years ago it was easy. We only had limited options within the desktop environment: traditional push installs (the old way) and server based computing. Today, it is far more complex with the introduction of new application delivery technologies such as; streaming, isolation, provisioning and virtual desktops all being offered as mainstream solutions. Utilising the real world experience of our consultants and our close collaboration with key vendors such as; Microsoft, VMware and Altiris (Symantec), UST can advise you through this complex area to develop tailored software and application delivery solutions that match your current and future business requirements.

For most organisations, a single solution rarely delivers the optimum and most cost effective result, which can be further complicated by demands for support for devices, such as thin clients and mobile devices. At UST, our consultants have worked with all the market leading products, software and application delivery solutions to ensure you get the most from your chosen solution:

As well as providing technology solutions to manage and deliver applications, UST offers a number of complementary desktop application related services that include:

  • Application auditing and discovery
  • Compatibility and integration testing
  • Application packaging for deployment through automated management tools
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