Disaster Recovery Solutions

The reality of data loss and critical system downtime is a costly experience in both time and money yet it is something which most organisations go through at some point. UST has considerable experience with the design and implementation of IT infrastructure Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions and we work very closely with our customers to make sure their experience of disruption is at an absolute minimum.

When designing and developing IT infrastructure DR solutions in conjunction with our customers, UST will look to leverage existing technology investments as well assisting with the selection and implementation of appropriate complementary products and technologies. Our consultants are highly experienced and qualified to provide tailored DR solutions for your business and typical solutions include:

Backup Solutions

Symantec is a key partner of UST who provide market leading backup solutions including Back Exec and NetBackup. The Symantec product suite facilitates data protection for both physical and virtual systems providing business critical data recovery.

Data Replication Solutions

Deployment of replication technologies such Veritas Cluster Server and Symantec NetBackup RealTime deliver high functionality and ease of use. Veritas Cluster Server provides high availability for the most important applications in your data centre. If it detects a fault, it takes action, recovering applications automatically. If your whole site goes down, it restarts those applications at another data centre, so even during a disaster, your IT services keep running. NetBackup RealTime provides continuous data protection (CDP) and replication for critical applications helping to dramatically reduce recovery time and data loss. Backup windows can be eliminated and administrators can recover instantly or to any-point-in-time. Unlike traditional backup methods RealTime can recover terabytes of data in seconds without any extra storage. These products can capture changes in real time and replicate them to your DR systems providing proven, flexible, and reliable data protection and failover for DR and Business Continuity. These solutions can also enable users to stay connected to applications during IT activities that require planned downtime, such as migrations, upgrades, maintenance, and virtualisation.

Storage Solutions

UST has long established partnerships with leading storage companies including; IBM, HP, EMC and NetApp. Products from these vendors enable us to design and deploy a wide range of storage solutions that facilitate DR through data replication and synchronisation. Our consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of these technologies allowing UST to provide tailored solutions for your DR requirements.

Virtualisation Solutions

As a key Partner to the leading vendors of virtualisation solutions, UST works closely with these technologies to design and deliver highly available virtual infrastructures. DR functionality is provided through the use of products such as; VMware Site Replication Manager and the Microsoft Site Recovery Solution which provide extensive features ideally suited to most DR requirements. The Microsoft Site Recovery Solution helps customers implement and manage cost effective, end-to-end site recovery programs. Built on proven capabilities in Windows Server 2008 R2 and the System Center management suite, Microsoft is helping IT Professionals leverage Windows Server Hyper-V and Failover Clustering along with tools like Virtual Machine Manager to deliver cost effective site recovery.

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