Consultancy Services

UST Technical Services

UST offers flexible IT technical resources that will complement existing resources with additional key skills and expertise. In addition to extra resource, this provides practical project and technical direction based on our real world experience from previous engagements and project implementations. UST technical services include:

  • Technical consultancy for design, build and implementation
  • Migration, integration and testing services
  • System health checks, audits and optimisation services
  • Rollout and deployment services

UST’s consultants can be engaged to help in all areas of IT infrastructure and security implementation, including Active Directory on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 & Exchange 2010, storage & backup, server-based (thin-client) & wireless computing, Internet security and information security risk assessment and management. UST’s consultants are responsible for:

  • Business needs analysis
  • IT strategy planning
  • Determining customers' requirements
  • Function IT & solution specification
  • Feasibility studies & designing pilot projects
  • Implementation planning
  • Skills transfer and documentation
  • Integration expertise
  • Health checks & auditing
  • Base lining & performance tuning

UST’s consultants are continually being trained and accredited by all the market-leading hardware and software developers, such as VMWare, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, and Symantec thereby ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest product skills and knowledge.

QWR Consultancy Services

UST has teamed up with Quint Wellington Redwood or ‘QUINT’.

Quint is an independent organization consultancy firm that specializes in the resolution of management queries in the field of IT. Our people are organization consultants with a wide knowledge of IT. From eleven international offices we provide services in more than twenty-five countries.

Quint clients are leading profit and non-profit organizations that rely heavily on IT. We try to achieve two goals for our clients. We provide support that result in successful information services (IS). More importantly, we help to make our client’s business effective and successful by correctly converting information services into operating processes. This twofold mission is summarized as Creating Business & IS Results.

Our slogan is, Dare to Challenge. Our people constantly challenge themselves and each other to be more efficient and creative. We also challenge our customers about their organization of information technology and the provision of IT services to their clients. In doing so, Quint positions itself as a service provider that is not afraid to view business from a different angle…

In today’s fast paced and challenging markets, organisations around the world are always looking to gain a competitive advantage by improving the way they do business.

With UST’s and QUINT’s Consulting Services this goal is achievable.
Our Consulting Services

UST and Quint provide consultancy and educational services in the following areas:

Information Management

Successful management of IT services does not start with technology but with the ability to translate business requirements and processes into information and IT requirements. This will lead to a proper management of IT services that are creating value to the business in terms of cost and dynamics. Quint’s Information Management services are focusing on the Business-IT alignment areas, starting with organising the (business) information requirements and setting precedence for functionality and technology in terms of controls and dynamics.

Architecture & Innovation

IT Legacy and/or technologies that do not effectively support the business need does not only causes the business be in-efficient in its market, it also causes the ICT organisation not being able to support the business in its dynamics. Normally this leads an ICT organisation to be too static in its innovation and surely too costly. Quint helps their customers in aligning the business strategy and dynamics to the right innovation and technology choices and projects in the ICT organisation.


Sourcing is the collective name for many concepts such as outsourcing, insourcing, cosourcing, right-sourcing, etc. Typically, Quint considers sourcing as a strategic topic and, therefore, advises its clients independently on the sourcing strategy to be selected. Therefore, Quint has no interest in outsourcing as such (we are not a service provider). This means that our clients may expect honest and balanced advice on which IT services should be best executed internally or externally, and the controls that should be in place to source efficient and effectively.

Demand Supply Governance

Virtually every organization works on or considers the added value of IT to the business. This added value is optimal when the delivery of IT services is perfectly aligned to the requirements of the business. In most businesses and organizations, this optimum situation is more a noble ambition than an everyday practice. With our Demand and Supply Governance services we help our customers setting the right strategies in following the business requirements and the consequences this will have for the IT and support requirements internally as well externally (vendor management).

IT Performance & Quality

Every organization is dependent on reliable ICT. Whether this concerns daily activities or innovative projects, a well-functioning ICT department is a precondition for success. With IT Performance Management, IT Service Management (ITIL), we advise clients in the creation and optimization of their ICT departments. Governing and managing IT services has become a major issue for the survival and the success of organizations, whether large, small, private business or in the public sector, and both for the customers and the suppliers of these services. With our ISO/IEC 20000 services we help our customers in implementing the worldwide recognised (and certifiable) standards.

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