Product Fulfilment Services

UST has been successfully supplying products since its inception in 2004 (and in its early days with its parent company UEE since 1978). UST has built a very successful value add proposition around our product fulfilment arm. Whether you are simply requesting a cable or a fully configured European desktop rollout, UST can help. Key vendors include:

EMC, APC, HP, Cisco, SUN, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Juniper, Fortinet, ADIC, Symantec.

Over the last 7 years we have invested heavily in our key vendors in order to receive a tier 1 service back from them with regard to stock allocation and pricing. To strengthen our supply message and in an effort to offer higher levels of service to our customers we have also deployed a number of vendor business managers throughout our company and strong technical skills throughout the warehousing and configuration centre.

How do I Buy?

Software / Hardware pricing and stock levels can be found by speaking with your UST Account Team.

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