Desktop OS Deployment

Evolving computing environments, expanding feature sets, increasing security threats, and diminishing support for older desktop operating systems are constant issues for most organisations. Keeping your end-user computing environment up to date, secure, and optimised represents a big challenge. UST’s philosophy is that desktop deployment should not be considered a one-time event, and we focus on the development of centralised, customisable, automated desktop solutions that significantly reduce the costs associated with both one time and ongoing implementations.

When planning a new automated desktop OS, many components need to be considered including:

  • Supported desktop devices and hardware
  • Virtual or Physical
  • Level of automation required
  • Application, driver and peripheral support requirements
  • Security policies and desktop lock-down

Delivering a productive and effective solution to users requires a solid desktop computing environment and applications that offer competitive features. To help our customers, UST offers a number of services that will assist you with the design, development and automation of the delivery of your desktop OS.

The key deployment considerations are typically build automation, customisation and application migration/testing. To help our customers reduce risk, implementation costs and to fast track their project, UST offer a number of added value implementation services that incorporate; impact analysis and planning, build development and test, application migration and integration testing. Given that the next generation of Windows (Windows 7) will be based on Vista, now is the time to start planning and testing core applications.

As part of the overall desktop solution and the need to increase IT efficiency and reduce cost of ownership, organisations are also adopting the deployment of thin client devices that can realise many benefits including; lower power consumption and reduced management overhead.

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