Corporate Governance

Integrated Quality Management System

We strive to achieve ‘Excellence’ in everything we do. UST is committed to provide the highest quality of service and is currently working towards obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance is an integral part of UST’s corporate culture. The Management Team always give priority to good corporate governance principles, company philosophy, legal compliance, Business Ethics, as well as being concerned with the interests of UST in implementing its tasks and functions in making business decisions. The same applies to all UST employees.

Internal Audit & Risk Management

Internal Audit assists the Management Team to ensure that effective internal control is in place and to manage the company’s operations in accordance with the policies and procedure. To support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, UST has established a Project Risk Management system to identify and estimate the potential project risk together with its impact followed by establishing the risk level. This ensures that UST can deliver projects according to the customer requirements and can meet customer quality expectations.

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