Altiris Total Management Suite (TMS)

Altiris Total Management Suite (TMS) from Symantec is seen by many as one of the industry’s most comprehensive suite of IT lifecycle automation solutions designed to help IT organisations manage, secure and support all IT assets, promoting effective service delivery. With TMS, a company can reduce operational costs, increase operational efficiencies, set the foundation for future growth, and align IT with business priorities.

Altiris provides a modular set of integrated tools for centralised IT management. It allows IT administrators to start with just those capabilities that are needed today and expand functionality over time as needs change and grow. The Altiris solution focuses on providing a toolset that manages the challenges faced in administering a broader IT environment and it is designed to be transparent to end users. Most Altiris solutions snap into a central console that is used by IT administrators to remotely batch and automate management operations across many computers at once. An Altiris agent is commonly installed on end-user computers, but the agent is typically hidden from the end-user's perspective.

The Altiris suite has the following products which can be bought separately or as one package:

  • Client and Mobile Management Suite - Includes patch management and client deployment software as well client backup and recovery software.
  • Asset Management Suite – Includes asset tracking, software auditing and hardware discovery. There is also a helpdesk functionality to enable your IT department to log and track IT issues throughout the organisation.
  • Server Management Suite – Includes server deployments, patch security hardening and network analysis tools.
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