Sentinel Pro® Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW)

What is ISSOW / Sentinel PRO?

Sentinel PRO® is Petrotechnics' web-based, electronic integrated safe system of work (ISSOW) solution that manages frontline work execution, including risk assessment, isolations control and permit to work. Sentinel PRO® has been implemented in diverse locations, languages and operating environments throughout the world for major operators such as Shell, BP and Talisman and is delivering:

  • Greater efficiency in work execution
  • Improved process rigor
  • More effective risk assessment
  • Better communication
  • Greater re-use of learning
  • Long term planning e.g. shutdowns
  • Standardisation of processes
  • Control over workflow
  • Audit transparency & ‘finger-printing’
  • Build-in tools (i.e. manual handling, IST & RAM)
Resulting in:
  • Enhanced frontline safety performance
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs

Sentinel PRO® moves the management of frontline work activity away from a reactive "fire-fighting" mentality towards a proactive and planned approach. It's driven from graphical screens showing deck/site layouts with icons indicating the location and states of planned and ongoing work, which makes the role of work co-ordination and planning much simpler.

Sentinel PRO® replaces the need for "paper based" permit to work systems with approvals via electronic signatures, while the final output is a printed "permit" for display at the worksite with all the details of the work, the risk assessment, the isolations and a pro forma for a "toolbox talk". Electronic approvals ensure that only authorised individuals can move permits through their proper life cycle and the system rigour ensures that the proper process is followed every time. By simplifying the permit to work process for the user, Sentinel PRO® removes the confusion and misconceptions that can be the root cause of incidents.

Key Benefits of Sentinel PRO®
  • Sentinel PRO® / ISSOW is a global standard safe system of work
  • Shell has stated Sentinel PRO® / ISSOW as a ‘Best Practice worth replicating’
  • Sentinel PRO® / ISSOW drives continuous improvements in safety performance
  • Reduces LTIs and accidents
  • Drives standardisation of business & operational process
  • Cost savings realised from simplification of work practices
  • Increases value-added time at the front line

For more information, please visit Petrotechnics website: and contact your UST representative directly.

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